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Betty Jo's Dance Center in Encore Dance Competition


To provide convenience for our clients, we have divided our school year tuition into 8 equal payments, which are due on the 10th of each month via our Auto Pay system. In addition to tuition, other fees to anticipate include the cost of a recital costume for each class, as well as expenses for dance shoes and attire.


We kindly request that you take a few moments to acquaint yourself with our school policies, which include important guidelines on makeup classes for missed lessons procedures to be followed during inclement weather, recital costume deadlines, and other relevant information.


Dancers, whether they are beginners or seasoned performers, must maintain a high level of focus to learn and execute their moves with precision. Wearing appropriate attire for their specific style of dance is essential, as it allows for proper movement and technique. Adhering to a dress code also helps dancers adopt a focused mindset.  Moreover, a dance studio dress code promotes a sense of unity among dancers, creating a cohesive and supportive group dynamic.

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