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Dad/Daughter Dance 2021

We are excited to announce our 2021 Father/Daughter Dance for this year’s Mother’s Day weekend recital.   The fee is $136 per couple with an additional $36 per sibling.  


We welcome any combination of parent and child -- Dad/Daughter, Mom/Daughter, Dad/Son, Mom/Son, Grandpa/Daughter … 


The Dad/Daughter Dance is open to students in 2nd grade and Up.  You must register by February 17th.  


Due to Covid, this year will be a little different.   You will rehearse with your dancer at home over Zoom.   In April, we will hold a couple of outdoor rehearsals to help coordinate and answer questions.    Everyone will learn the same choreography and you will only perform in the show in which your daughter dances.  If your daughter is in multiple performances, you have the option of dancing in each of those performances.   Performance schedules will be released next week.


One of the challenges with our outdoor amphitheater is changing areas.  We have decided in lieu of costumes for Dad/Daughter this year we will have t-shirts.   Dancers will wear a white recital t-shirt over their costume and the dads will wear a black recital t-shirt with black pants or jeans.  If you would like to trade in your costume from last year and haven’t already, please drop it off at the front desk.


Below is the weekend rehearsal schedule with Ms. Shelley.   Weekly videos will also be posted on the Dad/Daughter Band App.  Join here --


Saturday rehearsals via Zoom -- Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 815 7553 3326

Passcode: 14803


  • Saturday 2/20 -- 2-3 p.m. -- Zoom

  • Saturday 3/6  -- 2-3 p.m. --Zoom

  • Saturday 3/13  -- 2-3 p.m. -- Zoom

  • Saturday 4/3 -- 2-3 p.m. -- Zoom

  • Saturday 4/10 -- 2-3 p.m. -- Zoom

  • Saturday 4/17  In person -- West side of dance center -- 2-4 p.m.

  • Saturday 4/24  In person -- West side of dance center -- 2-4 p.m.

  • Saturday 5/1 -- 2-3 p.m. -- final review on Zoom!!

  • Recitals -- May 7-9 -- Centennial Lakes Amphitheater, Edina

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