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  • Tuition is due the 10th of each month.  Tuition for summer classes is listed on the summer schedule next to the class.  Tuition for the school year is based on 8 installment payments according to the chart below.  Tuition must be paid via Auto Pay for school year classes.  In addition to school year tuition, there is a $75-$80 recital costume fee per class due November 10th.

  • For Summer Tuition, please see summer schedules.

  • There is a $30 registration fee for new students and a $15 registration fee for returning students.

  • Please see below for our Tuition Assistance Program. 

  • The family discount is $2.00 per payment per student from the same family. Boys receive a 50% tuition discount on classes only. Summer camp is not included.

  • There are no refunds for lessons missed by a student, scheduled vacation dates or lessons that are cancelled due to inclement weather.

  • Written notice of intent to discontinue lessons must be submitted, and you will be responsible for full tuition payment of the last month of attendance.

  • Installment tuition is be paid via Auto Pay. These payments can be set up online or at the front desk. If you need to make arrangements for a different Auto Pay date, please see Marianne or Kelly.

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